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Who we are

We are pilgrims trying to bring the wisdom from our ancestors into our daily life.


We intend to create an approach and a summary which combine ancient wisdom and daily life, to initiate a transformation process both in our personal and social life.


We are receptive and happy to be surprised by different world and human being visions, and we understand there is always a new door to be open, a vision to widen and someone who will bring a new Light.


We have been on the travel business for a long time, both experiencing and going deeper into the travel knowledge and the permanent state of recognizing ourselves as Traveling beings.


We have been lured by the study of techniques, stories, myths, symbols and poetic language of living beings from different cultures. 


This is our background from which we have designed our Travel offer, based on the anthropology of the meaning of traveling, ancestral wisdom and the evolution of the human consciousness.

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